this site contains a few samples of the odds and ends that occupy me.
Currently, I am writing short stories and have a second novel in draft
but from time to time relax by recording some new music.

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Comments and stuff ...
Four Seasons

I like to write while listening to music, in particular to use music as a wellspring for mood. So tonight I downloaded a new CD to get myself into a new mood for new writing: Max Richter (et al) re-combobulating Vivaldi's Four Seasons. I like the Four Seasons but, the obvious problem is, so does everyone else. And it advertises tampons and cars and hair cream (for all I know) so is too infused with other people's desires to really work now for me. But I didn't really expect much from Vivaldi "Recomposed" either, half fearing an "X Factor" re-packaging and little else.

It took very little time to, really happily, discover I was wrong. It is modern, it has those sound memes you might recognise from the (wince) post-modern, post Glass/Cage, classical sounds but at it's core is that pulse of Baroque rhythms and scintillating violins, it is Vivaldi yet it is also new and present.

It totally works, give it a try ...


Come home Mars Rover, come home
A new piece of music added to my Soundcloud page, inspired, somehow, by the recent mars landing.
Ambient type music, no singing this time! :)

Link on the music page as usual here .

Kitten masters
Two new kittens have arrived in the house, pushed their way in and are now chomping through bannisters, bed posts, precious copies of la recherche du temps perdu...
They have a remarkable perspicacity when it comes to finding where the delete key is on the keyboard.
All previous and future typos are now also consigned to their responsibility.

Some new photos now added to the photos page in case you spot the culprits.

In a flash
Not sure where I've been the last few weeks, didn't realise it was so long since my last update. My contribution today is "Flash fiction".

Never really got "Flash" fiction mind, felt like an excuse to avoid engaging in reading, or writing for that matter. A mobile phone generation's conceit. But now that the Irish Times has started offering 10,000 euros for a pifling few words, my attitude has obviously changed considerably. I missed the deadline though for that competition so have uploaded here my first flashy fiction attempt which, in the spirit of the competition celebrates what truly matters: "Chicken and Whiskey".

Read the story here .

It's about time ...
New writing sample added: a short excerpt from just after the start of chapter eight in "It's about time".

Two pictures added to the "Pictures" page and the photos page has two new ones too!

If I could pull aside the duvet...
The new recorded track "Monday morning song" now linked on the Music page.

Deathly story
A new short sample of writing added; this is an excerpt from a short story called "Beneath it all".

Valentine's day so I'm up here at the PC typing in html tags and things... Small collection of photos added: our furry princess "Phoebe", some bee visiting our flowers, Dublin in December and Gent in June ... on the Photos page :)

Come around
I've added two links to "Soundcloud" where I keep recent music I've recorded stored. The two tracks are "Come Around" and "Wap bap op", I've added small notes about both too.
On the writing page then I've put a very short excerpt from a short story, written last October.
Will add more things over the next few days.

In the beginning ...
Just putting together this website today!
The aim is to put up bits and pieces of things I am doing: writing, music, ranting probably.
Have a wander around the links and see if anything grabs your fancy.

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A Biog, of sorts...

Gareth was born in the summer of 1968, with a Gauloise in one hand and a book of existentialist poetry in the other. It was a difficult birth.

He grew up doodling, playing football and claiming to be an atheist. Later he studied Philosophy in UCD for a decade, before being forcibly ejected out into the real world.

There he became a motorcycle courier, a graphic designer, a research assistant, a painter, guitarist and kitchen porter before eventually accepting a job teaching.

Nowadays he is just another IT bloke, pretending to be somebody else...